Mohavy Blue Unisex Premium Shemagh Keffiyeh | Men Women Head Scarf | Oversized Scarves | Tactical Desert Warp | Military… Price: $21.99 (as of 20/05/2021 23:59 PST- Details)

PREMIUM ALL WEATHER COTTON – Made with 100% soft woven cotton that feels gentle on your face and neck while protecting you from cold winters and summer heat! Mohavy Shemaghs fit perfectly under your coat, jacket, or even poncho! Along with your hat and gloves, our Keffiyeh will help you keep warm throughout the winter which makes it a great alternative for wool scarves. Alternatively, the cotton material can also help to protect your face and neck from extreme heat and sun exposure.
51″ x 53″ LARGE SIZE WRAPS – Mohavy Shemagh are one large size that provide enough wrap for men, women, and kids. Unlike a bandana that can loosen up and become untied, shemagh is designed similar to infinity scarves and shawls. The large size make our shemagh comfortable, functional, and fashionable for everyday settings from cities to beaches. Looking great with t-shirts, hoodies, and daily wear, Mohavy shemaghs attract attention as an accessory in traditional and modern fashion.
INSPIRED BY MESOPOTAMIA – Mohavy Shemaghs are designed as a modern fashion scarf while keeping traditional & tactical apparel in mind. Originally made in the Middle East, shemagh was made to protect from direct sun exposure and protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Shemaghs are increasing in popularity around the world as people need ways to protect themselves from varying environments. For this reason, we design our keffiyehs to look great with any outfit.